Scrambled eggs & sauté vegetables

Scrambled eggs & sauté vegetables

I love weekends (duh…who doesn’t?!). On my Saturday morning I love to wake up slowly, open up the curtains, go back to bed and just lay in bed until my stomach starts to rumble. Then I know it’s time for breakfast!

I also love food, I am totally obsessed with it. I think about breakfast in the evening and dinner at breakfast. I often spend hours dreaming about family dinners (just to put it in perspective for you, I am already putting together my Christmas menu…). The whole week I have been dreaming about making perfect scrambled eggs on toast this weekend and so I did.

Scrambled eggs & sauté vegetables

I have made scrambled eggs before but the french way which to be honest are nothing but scrambled eggs. And so this weekend I decided I would try to make the perfect fluffy, silky scrambled eggs. To do so I did my research, cross checked many british recipes, and what I learned is that the secret remains in taking the pan on & off the heat while cooking the eggs!

When I think back about Dennis’ face when he tried them out, I can say that I achieve my objective and that makes me a very happy women 🙂

Scrambled eggs & sauté vegetables

Sublime scrambled eggs on toast served with pan-fried mushrooms and cherry tomatoes on the vine :

Serves 2
Cooking time: 10mins


– 6 large free range eggs
– 25gr cold butter
– 1tbsp cream
– small handful of parsley, chopped
– sea salt & pepper
– 2 chunky slices of rustic bread
– 10 tomatoes on the vine
– 4 Portobello mushrooms
– olive oil


Heat 1tbsp of olive oil in a fry pan, add the Portobello mushrooms and tomatoes on the vine, season with salt & pepper. Cook on a low heat until your eggs are ready to serve.

Break the eggs into a cold, heavy-based pan, add the butter and start to cook on medium low heat. Using a spatula, stir the eggs frequently to combine the yolks with the white and melting butter.

As the mixture begins to set, take off the pan of the heat and keep stirring the eggs, once the heat as lowered, bring back the pan to heat and keep on stirring. You will need to keep taking the pan on & off the heat 2 to 3 times. The eggs should take about 4-5min to scramble and they should be soft, fluffy and quite lumpy.

Toast the bread slices on both sides in the meantime.

Now add the cream, the chopped parsley and season the eggs. This should be done at the last-minute otherwise your scrambled eggs will become watery.

Put the toast on plates, pile the scrambled eggs on top, add the sauté Portobello mushrooms and tomatoes on the vine and serve immediately.

Good morning!

Wine recommendation:

I did had any wine with my scrambled eggs as this was my slow morning breakfast 😉 but if you feel like making them for brunch I would recommend to pair them with Champagne. Eggs go beautifully with Champagne, which is why it is such a brunch staple!

The Dutch boyfriend’s opinion:

What a great breakfast! I did not know eggs could be that delicious. Our usual scrambled eggs were dry and not very tasty, but the parsley with the cream made my toast a small piece of heaven. Normally I am not a fan of tomatoes but these were quite alright. Big plus: I felt satisfied for at least four hours after finishing my plate, so no more grumpy-between-meals-moments anymore!

Rating: 8/10

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