Lemon & Maple syrup

Pancakes two ways. Lemon - maple syrup & powdered sugar - butter  pancakes.

Happy weekend everyone! I don’t know about you, but one of my favourite things about the weekend is brunch. I love starting late in the day – noon or 1 is perfect – spending the afternoon hanging out, eating and drinking coffee or bubbly, and then still having your evening free.

This morning, I had over my dear (French) friend Anne Sophie. I was pretty excited because I had not seen her for a couple of weeks AND she came with her lovely daughter Nina who I also hadn’t seen in a while because of my broken leg. Given my (still) limited mobility, I was determined to keep things simple. In fact, by the time I finished cleaning up my apartment, the food and the table decor were literally afterthoughts!

I knew that Anne Sophie would bring fresh croissant, bacon and orange juice so I decided to go for simple but perfect scrambled eggs served with pan-fried mushrooms and pancakes two ways.

Pancakes two ways. Lemon - maple syrup & powdered sugar - butter  pancakes.

Funny thing is that few month ago I didn’t even know what a pancake was supposed to taste like. The French cook that I am, had up till now, refused to trade lovely French crêpes for its American competitor.

But then last August it was Den’s birthday and at the time my left leg was in a cast and I had to remain in wheelchair most of the time. However I just couldn’t miss out on my BF’s day and decided I should fix him breakfast in an easy but delicious way. And so I made my very first pancakes and WoW that was quite a surprised!

I have made them a couple of times now and tweaked the recipe to make it a little bit healthier and I have to say that I am very pleased with the result : Light and fluffy pancakes here they comes 🙂 !

Pancakes two ways. Lemon - maple syrup & powdered sugar - butter  pancakes.

Light & fluffy breakfast pancakes:

Serves 2
Cooking time: 20mins


– 2 egg white
– 350gr plain (all-purpose) flour
– 3tsp baking powder
– 1tbsp caster (superfine) sugar
– 300ml milk
– 2tbsp butter, melted


Place the flour, baking powder and sugar in a bowl. Place the egg whites, milk and butter in a separate bowl and whisk until combine.

Add the milk mixture to the flour mixture and whisk until smooth.

Heat a non-stick frying pan over medium-low heat. Pour a little bit of the mixture at a time into the pan and cook until bubbles appear on the surface. Turn the pancake and cook until golden. Keep the pancake warm while cooking the remaining mixture.

Serve in small stacks with lemon and maple syrup, butter and powdered sugar or fresh fruit. Good morning!

Wine recommendation:

No wine here 😉 but I love my pancakes with a lovely cup of white tea or a big glass of fresh milk.

The Dutch boyfriend’s opinion:

Super delicious! I love these pancakes and I wish I could eat this every day. We first tried a recipe from an Australian cook, and though they looked pretty, they felt way too heavy on the stomach. So Raph tweaked the recipe and now we regularly eat light sweat delicious pancakes in the weekends. Personally I like the bit overcooked/crusty edges of the pancakes, and with the royal dose of powder sugar and butter on top of the pancakes, the day starts at its best. Girls, prepare to be loved by your man after breakfast!

Rating: 10+/10

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