Grilled Peaches & Rosemary

Grilled and fresh peaches, prosecco gelée served with rosemary infused whipped cream.

The last few weeks in Amsterdam have been truly a bless, we’ve had many gorgeous sunny days! Couple of times the thermometer even reached 30 degrees celsius! Might not seems so extraordinary for some of you guys but believe me it doesn’t happen that often in the Netherlands! And we poor Northman, not use to the heat, are melting away…

Last Friday was just like it: sun high in the sky, not one cloud at the horizon and a heat wave.

That day I decided to go and enjoy it, I left work early and stopped by my favorite organic supermarket Marqt. Den and I had decided earlier that we would heat up the BBQ to kick off the grilling season. So I bought a huge Cote de Boeuf, some veggies and juicy peaches.

Grilled and fresh peaches, prosecco gelée served with rosemary infused whipped cream.

I have had the idea of grilling peaches since I last saw Reynold from Masterchef Australia creating a beautiful dessert during one of the team challenges. His grilled peaches looked so juicy and beautifully caramelised that it planted the idea in my mind.

If you’ve read this or this you probably know that I love combining fresh herbs or spices with my dessert. Peach and Rosemary are two beautiful earthy flavours and I bet that just by thinking of it you can understand how well they marry together. And what better to bring it together then whipped cream?!!!!

So that night, once we finished grilling all our meat and veggies – we gave it a go. I served them with rosemary infused whipped cream, prosecco gelée and a few basil leaves for freshness.

The best part is the rosemary infused whipped cream and the grilled peaches; it’s to die for. I could eat bowls and bowls of it!

Grilled and fresh peaches, prosecco gelée served with rosemary infused whipped cream.

Prosecco Gelée, Grilled & Fresh Peach served with Rosemary infused Whipped Cream:

Makes: 4

Cooking time: 15mins (+ 2hours cooling/setting time)


– 60cl prosecco

– 20cl water

– 6tbsp sugar

– 10 gelatines sheets

– 200ml whipping cream

– 8 large rosemary sprigs

– 4 peaches

– basil leaves for serving


For the prosecco jelly, in a medium sized pan, mix water and sugar. Heat to just under boiling point. Remove from heat and add gelatine.

Once gelatine has dissolved add the prosecco. Pour the mixture in serving bowls and set aside in fridge.

For the rosemary cream, pour the cream in a bowl and add in the rosemary sprigs. Cover with clean film and set aside in the fridge until serving time (at least 2hours – ideally about 4hours).

For the grilled peaches, slice two of the peach in half. Heat up a plancha or chargrill, and grill peaches cut side down for 2-4 minutes. For the fresh peaches, slice the remaining peaches in 6 wedges and set aside.

Before serving time, take the cream out of the fridge, remove the rosemary sprigs and whip the cream until firm picks form.

To assemble, spoon rosemary cream on top of set jelly. Garnish desert with char-grilled peach, fresh peach wedges and basil leaves.

Wine recommendation:

Super easy! Just serve the same Prosecco you used for the gelée. You can’t go wrong here 😉

The Dutch boyfriend’s opinion:

The grilled and fresh peaches dessert was a welcome refreshment after a warm day. The light whipped cream balanced the smooth and flavourful prosecco gelée exactly as it should. The rosemary was proudly and rightfully present! And with fresh peaches next to it, there it not much more that could make me love more this dessert.

Rate: 9/10

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